Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Terumah - The Source of Blessing

"...And you will take an offering for Me..."

The Trumah (offering) represents the Female secret in the world. There are two Female spiritual entities, Leah and Rachel, and they correspond to the two letters Hei in the name of God. The value of Hei is 5.

Each of the Females receives 10 aspects, because she is connected to the Foundation of the Male, letter Yud, whose value is 10. Thus, each female has fifty different aspects, and together the two of them have one hundred aspects.

Man (Adam) has the numerical value of 45, corresponding to the word Mah (What), as in “...What does God your Lord want of you but to recognize His presence...” However, the Sages interpreted it as not Mah (What) but Meah (Hundred). And in fact any blessing that comes to this world is connected to the number 100, or the two Females, Leah and Rachel, as in “...a hundredfold, because God has blessed him.”

For this reason we give the Trumah (offering) – to return the blessing to its source, so that the Evil Forces will have no hold on it. Thus the word Trumah (offering) is related to Harama (uplifting).

Art: Ignace Henri Jean Fantin-Latour - Two Young Women, Embroidering and Reading