Sunday, June 26, 2011

Korach – Cain Acknowledges that He Was Wrong

As we learned before, Korach was a reincarnation of the bad part of Abel. Moses, who was Abel's complete reincarnation, kept Korach in check, until the soul of Cain attached itself to Korach, after which Korach felt himself empowered to rebel against Moses.

Moses' counterpart, Jethro, was the reincarnation of Cain. That is the meaning of Jethro being the head and priest of the Midianites – who represent Cain. At this time, Jethro threw Moses in prison for ten years, and Tsiporah was the one to saved Moses. Later, when Jethro made peace with Moses and aligned himself with him, the soul of Cain left Jethro and attached itself to Korach. That is the meaning of “and Korach took” - he took the soul of Cain.

Now Korach and his followers “rised up against Moses” - parallel to Cain rising up against Abel. Further, God said to Cain, “The blood of your brother and of all his unborn descendants scream against you from under the ground.” Parallel to this, Korach went down under the ground. While there, every month Korach and his followers proclaim, “Moses is true and his Torah is true, but we are false”- in parallel to what Cain had said that there is no Judge and no Judgment, when he killed his brother.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shlach – It was the season when the first grapes begin to ripen

God spoke to Moses, saying, 'Send out men for yourself to explore the Canaanite territory that I am about to give the Israelites.' ... It was the season when the first grapes begin to ripen.

Why did the Torah say, “And those days were the days when grapes begin to ripen?” Why “those days were the days?” The answer is that the words “those days” refer to the special days that we already know about, the six days that correspond to the six directions in the spiritual image of Zeir Anpin, the Cosmic Man, or in some sense the Humanity. The time when he has only six spiritual components are the days of his youth and immaturity, without the influence of the intellect, which he will receive from the Supernal Father and Mother.

All the six days and the six directions were mixed in the Tree of Knowledge, with which Adam made his mistake, and this accords well with the opinion that this tree was the vine. Wine is connected to Rulership, and it was also there that Adam made his mistake – by his attempt to fix it and to take its first fruit before proper time.

Sources: Rabbi Daniel Frisch, Moshe Cordovero, Mikdash Melech, other commentators.

When the spies tried to pick up a cluster of grapes, the cluster, sensing their bad intentions, refused to be picked up. The spies then asked Joshua and Caleb to lift the cluster, which they were able to do. Being upset, the spies decided to kill Joshua and Caleb. Joshua spoke to the cluster and told it, "If you will be the cause of our death, we will not inherit the portion of the land in which you grew." The cluster then relented and allowed itself to be carried by the other spies.

Source: Meam Lo'ez.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Behaalotcha - When You Come to Light up the Lights

God spoke to Moses, telling him to speak to Aaron and say to him, 'When you light the lamps, the seven lamps shall illuminate the menorah.'

To explain this, Rabbi Yehudah quoted from the Psalms, “Mighty sun is like a bridegroom coming out of his marriage canopy,” and to explain this in turn he said “Happy are those who learn the Torah of God, which is the Tree of Life.” One who grabs it inherits this world and the World to Come. To grab it and to go up on it, one needs to learn it, and to constantly meditate and repeat it so as to remember – because this is called “grabbing.” The gematria of “The Tree of Life” is 233, and this is the same gematria as “Remember”.

Now, the Tree of Life is the Spiritual Man, Zeir Anpin, who inherits his mind from Supernal Father and Supernal Mother, and he transmits this light to the whole creation below, and that is the mighty sun who sends his light to his queen, the Female, Nukva, and in doing so illuminates everything. Through their contact, they light the lights of the Female, or the Rulership, and that is the meaning of "When you come to light up the lights."

That, in turn, is compared to the Torah, which is called “Beauty” - because beauty is ideal proportions and perfect balance. In the spiritual words it is achieved by studying the opposing tendencies of Kindness and Judgment and by finding a new entity, Beauty, where both Kindness and Judgment are equally balanced.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Naso – The Spiritual Makeup of the Tribe of Levi

"God spoke to Moses, saying, Also take a census of Gershon's descendants by families."

Levi the son of Jacob had three sons, Gershon, Kehat, and Merari. They were to play a unique spiritual role in the community of Israel and therefore were not to be counted together with the other Jews. That is because the tribe of Levi represents the spiritual quality of strength and strict judgment. Why is this so and why is it important?

Levy represents the middle matzah at the Seder, and it is the one that gets broken. Strict judgment should be never allowed to act with full force. That is why Abraham, who represented Kindness, was asked to bind his son Isaac, who represented Judgment. Similarly, the tribe of Levi was broken into two parts, the Kohahim and the Levites.

The Levites carried the pieces of the Tabernacle - quality of Strength – and in the Temple they sang, which also represents Strength. How so?

The words “song” (שיר) is connected to the name of God Elohim, representing Judgment, because the letter ש is the same as the gematria (300) of Elohim spelled אלף למד הי יוד מם. The letter יר is 200, and that is Elohim spelled א אל אלה אלהי אלהים.

Power itself extends in five directions, represented by letters which change their shape at the end of the word – מנצפ"ך. Each of the three families Levi has the five aspects of strength, and all three are connected the the spiritual entity of a Cosmic Female, which also represents Strength in the Woman-Man relationship. The first of the family of Levi is the brain of the Female, which is formed before all else, and which has an indelible influence on her. The second aspect of strength comes from her relationship with the Cosmic Man, or Zeir Anpin. The third one is what gives her the power to conceive and give birth. The letters מנצפ"ך taken twice give the numerical value of the family of Gershon גרשון, who started the count. Thus this count helps and advances the development of the spiritual entities of the Cosmic Man and the Female, of which we all form a part.

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