Sunday, June 26, 2011

Korach – Cain Acknowledges that He Was Wrong

As we learned before, Korach was a reincarnation of the bad part of Abel. Moses, who was Abel's complete reincarnation, kept Korach in check, until the soul of Cain attached itself to Korach, after which Korach felt himself empowered to rebel against Moses.

Moses' counterpart, Jethro, was the reincarnation of Cain. That is the meaning of Jethro being the head and priest of the Midianites – who represent Cain. At this time, Jethro threw Moses in prison for ten years, and Tsiporah was the one to saved Moses. Later, when Jethro made peace with Moses and aligned himself with him, the soul of Cain left Jethro and attached itself to Korach. That is the meaning of “and Korach took” - he took the soul of Cain.

Now Korach and his followers “rised up against Moses” - parallel to Cain rising up against Abel. Further, God said to Cain, “The blood of your brother and of all his unborn descendants scream against you from under the ground.” Parallel to this, Korach went down under the ground. While there, every month Korach and his followers proclaim, “Moses is true and his Torah is true, but we are false”- in parallel to what Cain had said that there is no Judge and no Judgment, when he killed his brother.

Art: Pierre Louis Cretey - Cain Slaying Abel

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