Friday, December 25, 2009

Mikeitz - 130 years of hard labor

And the Egyptians came to Pharaoh, and he told them to do as Joseph tells them

Joseph told the Egyptians to be  circumcised. Those 130 years of Jewish subjugation in Egypt correspond to the 130 years that Adam was separated from his wife Eve. For all those years, Adam was  causing the birth of souls that needed correction.  

These souls came back at the time of the Flood and later, at the time Dispersion, but instead of correction they kept repeating the same mistake. Now Joseph saw that they were reborn as Egyptians, and started their correction process. It was these people whom he later moved from city to city, for the same purpose. They are called “people of the sons of Israel.” They lived in their cities, and there behaved as Jews. Jacob, too, was accepting converts, and all these lived as Jews.

It is for these souls that Jews had to go down to Egypt, in order to bring them back. They constituted the mixed multitude.

In the next generation, the sparks of these souls came back as Jews. Now their correction process involved hard labor for 130 years.

Art: Hans Holbein - Adam and Eve. 1517

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The three princes, Prince of Wine, Prince of Bread,  and Prince of Flesh hint to the Supernal Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge.

Wine is connected to Wisdom, and to the study of Truth, as in “...drink the Truth and become drunk on it, dear friends.” Bread, with its multiple processes of preparation, is indicative of the hard work required for understanding.

When the Prince of Wine and the Prince of Bread told their dreams to Yosef, he used the rule that “dreams are fulfilled according to their interpretation” as in “...just as he told us, so it was...” Yosef returned Wisdom to its proper place in the Supernal Man, since Wisdom never harms. However, Understanding required additional improvement, and thus the words “...and the Prince of Bread was hanged” or better translated as “uplifted” hint to the additional improvement needed by Understanding, because of strict judgment found in it.

Art: Eduard Von Grutzner - A Good Drink

Sunday, December 6, 2009


After Jacob took his family across the river, he came back alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. Jacob came back because he forgot some small vessels. 

The soul of a righteous consists of 248 parts, each part of his soul containing numerous sparks of many other righteous souls. Anything that comes to a righteous in this world comes not only for him, but also for the numerous sparks of other souls that are contained in him. This is why righteous love their possessions. And this is why Jacob came back for the small vessels, for if he did not, it would look as if he does not want them – but instead he needed to show that he loved them too. It was this cup with oil that the Maccabees found on Hanukkah.

Dina was a reincarnation of Eve, both representing the Supernal Kingdom. For this reason Eve was so much desired by the Primeval Snake. In parallel, Dina was abducted by Shechem, a Hivite prince – Hivia meaning snake in Aramaic. Shechem also had in him a spark of Adam the first man, after the Good fell into the kingdom of Evil. This is another reason why Shechem's soul “...cleaved to Dina...”. After Shechem was circumcised, his correction was achieved, the purpose in life completed, and he was killed.

Art: Rembrandt Van Rijn - Jacob Wrestling with the Angel