Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Mystical Meaning Of Sacrifices – They Tie The Room Together!

God said to Noah, 'The end of all flesh has come before Me...'

What does this phrase mean? – “End of all flesh” is the name of a spiritual entity that came before God. It is also called “The Other Side,” or “Sitra Achra,” because it has the permission to pretend that it acts independently of God.

It is called “End of all flesh” because it desires to literally “End all flesh,” that is, to entice a human into worthless pursuits, until death. However, it desires the meat of the sacrifices as well. In that case, it enjoys seeing the destruction of the flesh of the sacrifices. In fact, the physical part of the sacrifices is indeed brought for its sake, whereas the spiritual part is for the sake of man and God.

However, even when the “Other Side,” or “End of all flesh” achieves its goal, and sees the death and rotting of a person – which is analogous to burning of sacrifices – it is only given control over the body, but the soul returns to Gan Eden, where it originally came from. Back to sacrifices, the desire and intention of the one who brings them are the spiritual element of the sacrifices, and, similar to the soul of a human, his intentions ascend to Heaven and tie all spiritual worlds together.

When a righteous person dies, his death is analogous to a sacrifice, and serves to elevate and achieve forgiveness for the world. The Other Side enjoys his body, and through this present it is bribed and has no more power to accuse the World. His soul, through its elevation, brings benefits to all the spiritual worlds. Each level of his souls is use to uplift the corresponding spiritual world, and in this way the righteous is a complete perfect sacrifice.

Another person, who is not worthy, and is not fitting to be a sacrifice – his body also goes to the grave and is given to the Other Side, but his soul does not ascend, and higher levels of the souls – he does not even posses them. He is analogous to a blemished sacrifice, which is not desired even if brought. Thus, the righteous atone for and improve the world, and are an atonement sacrifice for the world.

Art: Anne-Francois-Louis Janmot - On the Mountain - The Poem of the Soul