Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The three princes, Prince of Wine, Prince of Bread,  and Prince of Flesh hint to the Supernal Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge.

Wine is connected to Wisdom, and to the study of Truth, as in “...drink the Truth and become drunk on it, dear friends.” Bread, with its multiple processes of preparation, is indicative of the hard work required for understanding.

When the Prince of Wine and the Prince of Bread told their dreams to Yosef, he used the rule that “dreams are fulfilled according to their interpretation” as in “...just as he told us, so it was...” Yosef returned Wisdom to its proper place in the Supernal Man, since Wisdom never harms. However, Understanding required additional improvement, and thus the words “...and the Prince of Bread was hanged” or better translated as “uplifted” hint to the additional improvement needed by Understanding, because of strict judgment found in it.

Art: Eduard Von Grutzner - A Good Drink

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