Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chukat – The Secret of the Red Heifer

"Speak to the Israelites and have them bring you a completely red cow."

The five special letters of the Hebrew alphabet are מנצפכ. They look different if they occur at the end of a word: םןץףך. Spiritually, they represent the Five Strong Judgments, corresponding in a human to feet, legs and the body. Their numeric value is 280, פר, or a Bull. Together with the five letters themselves, represented by ה, we get פרה, or a Heifer.

The word for Red, אדמה , is spelled without a letter Vav, and its numerical value is 50, which corresponds to the Fifty Gates of Wisdom. King Solomon, who wanted to understand the secret of the Red Heifer, did not succeed, and told about this in his words, “I said, I will become wise, but it is far from me.”

The Five Strict Judgments went out into the world before the Cosmic Man and Female joined together, and this corresponds to sending out from the camp those who were impure through contact with a dead body. To correct this, the Heifer had to be burned in strong fire. After it is burned, all that is left of her is the Secret of Holiness, one-fiftieth of what it was before. The word ash, אפר, consists of פר, Bull, and א. The Heifer, פרה, thus becomes Ashes, אפר.

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