Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Balak – The Three Haters of Israel

When Balak son of Tzippor saw all that Israel has done to the Amorites... he sent emissaries to Balaam

Balak and Balaam were exceptional wizards and wise men. They also hated the Jewish Nation without reason. The only one who exceeded their hatred was Amalek. This is reflected in their names. Amalek can by understood as Am Lak – nation that attacked us. Balak – Ba Lak, meaning, he came and attacked us. Balaam – Bal Am – he who confused the people.

Their nature can be explained if we look at the reincarnations of their souls. That of Amalek was the worst part of Cain, and in addition he had an admixture of the five different types of the mixed multitude, which included Amalekim, Refaim, etc., making Amalek the greatest hater of Israel. Balaam hinted to this in his prophesy, “And the Kenites removed themselves from Amalek” - that the best part of Cain was reincarnated in Yitro, while the worst went to Amalek.

Both Balak and Balaam got the bad part of Cain and the bad part of Abel, and that is why both have the letters “B” and “L” from Abel. Balak the son of Tzippor was a grandson of Yitro, about whom a Psalm says “Even the sparrow (Tzippor) found a home”, Yitro took the good part of Cain, connected to Tzipporah, wife of Moses, and left the bad part to his progeny Balak.

Balaam's soul came from the root of Abel. When the Torah says that “There never arose in Israel a prophet like Moses”, it also hints that outside of Israel there did arise a prophet of similar power, and that was Balaam. The letters of the phrase, “she (Milcah) bore sons” to Nachor constitute the name Abel, to hint that the family of Nachor came from Abel and Lavan her grandson was later reincarnated as Balaam.

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