Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pinchas – The Name of God is Jealous

Pinchas (a son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron the priest) was the one who zealously (jealously) took up My (jealous) cause among the Israelites and turned My anger away from them, so that I did not destroy them in My demand for exclusive worship (jealousy)."

The word “jealousy” (קנא) is mentioned three times in this verse. That indeed is the name of God in the Torah. The Gematria of jealousy (קנא) is 151. It can be found in the names of God in the three following ways.

The name of God “I will be” (אהיה) spelled out by its letters (אלפ הה יוד הה) has the Gematria of 151.

The name “I will be” (אהיה) spelled according to the value of each letter (א ההההה יייייייייי ההההה), equals 151.

The same Gematria 151=86+65 is obtained if one combines the two names of God representing strict justice (אלהים=86), and mercy (אדני=65).

The sign by which to remember this is from the Song of Songs, “I went down to the garden of nut trees”. The word “garden” (גנת) has the Gematria of 453, or three times קנא = 151.

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