Monday, February 1, 2010

Bo – For Seven Days You Will Eat Matzot

For seven days nothing leavened should be found in your houses, and anybody who eats leavened food, his soul will be cut off from the congregation of Israel...”

What does the concept of “cut off” entail? It is known that when a righteous person dies, his soul immediately goes up at the time of his departure, making waves of desire emanate from the Cosmic Female (Nukva) toward the Cosmic Male (Zeir Anpin), and causes them to unite.

This is discussed in the Book of Zohar in the following way. When the Righteous One (Cosmic Male) dresses himself with Jealosy and unites with the Female, this is connected to the qualities of Joseph, since the numerical values of Joseph and Jealousy are identical. That is why the Sages said, “A man may be jealous of his wife, because a special spirit of purity entered him.” A man who especially loves his wife causes himself to be jealous,and this jealousy comes because of the great love between them. We find then that jealousy can be a virtue and a sign of completeness, not a defect. The result of this is the complete union between the Cosmic Male and Female, which encompasses all the worlds. This love transcends physical love, and their souls are in constant union.

In contrast, those who are not righteous cannot ascend after their death and cannot create waves of pleasure, and this is the secret of being “cut off,” since they do not return to Heaven from which they were formed, and remain below.

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