Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tetzaveh – Clear Oil from Crushed Olives

"You, [Moses], must command the Israelites to bring you clear illuminating oil, made from hand crushed olives, to keep the lamp constantly burning."

The Rulership, or the Cosmic Female, is represented by the pure Menorah, and her companion is Zeir Anpin, the Cosmic Male. The Victory (Netzach) and Glory (Hod) of the Male, which correspond to his right and left thighs, build the Female up.

Victory and Glory speedily fall into the Foundation of the Male, and having stricken it, come back up. The Light of the Female is not direct, but all encompassing Reflected, or Returning, Light. She receives this light when Victory and Glory are returning after having hit the Foundation, and that is the only way how she can receive it.

The olives thus represent Victory and Glory, which the Foundation strikes. Foundation is another name for the Righteous. Olives are crushes into small pieces, and produce olive oil, fit for the Menorah, which is the Female.

Art: Luigi Ademollo - The Menorah

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