Friday, December 10, 2010

Vayigash – Yehudah's Hints

Judah walked up to Joseph and said, "Please, your highness, let me say something to you personally."

Judah represents Kingship. He was appointed king among his brothers, and in the future King David and all the Jewish kings, David's descendants, will come from him. Joseph, on the other hand, represents Rulership (Foundation). He was the viceroy of Egypt. He was also Joseph the Righteous, which is Foundation, according to the phrase “The righteous one is the foundation of the world.

Thus their meeting is the meeting of these two spiritual entities. As the Zohar states, the verse in the Psalms, “Look, here are kings united together” refers to this meeting. When those two entities unite, there is no room for anybody else – which explains why the brothers commented “Let them fight, we don't care.”

The first thing that Judah said was “Please, your highness” - bi, adoni (בי אדני). The word bi (בי) has the gematria of 12, hinting at the 12 possible permutations of the name of God (יהוה). The first letter can be one of 4, the next – one of three, and so on. This is called factorial, denoted as 4!, and 4! = 24. However, two of the letters are the same, so the correct formula is 4!/2! = 12.

Judah continues, “I am your slave” - because the Kingship is nobler than Rulership but is subservient to it. The first letters of his speech (ואיובאי) have the gematria of 36, hinting at the fact that he was righteous. The second letters, third, fourth, and fifth also carry hidden messages.

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