Thursday, May 5, 2011

Emor – Yom Tov is Imma, Shabbat is Abba

These are God's festivals that you must call out as sacred holidays at their appropriate times.

The words “These are the festivals of God” (Eleh moadei Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey) spell out the word “Imma” with their first letters. Thus on a Festival the spiritual entities of the Cosmic Man and Cosmic Woman rise only to the level of Supernal Mother, but no higher. In addition, the Mother is represented by the expansion of God's name with aleph, like this: yud-vav-dalet, hey-aleph, and so on, with the gematria of 63. With the 10 letters of the expansion it makes 73, or the gematria of Yom Tov (Holiday) itself.

However, when you call out Holidays with your prayers, you allow the children (Man and Woman) to rise higher and come to the Supernal Father also. Thus the first letters of “them in their times,” (otam b'moadam) make the word Av (Father). On Shabbat the children go higher, to the Father, just because of Shabbat, “because it is holy.”

What is the meaning of all this? God has created the five spiritual entities in the world, of which we and our souls are a part. We allow them to find each other, and are blessed in return.

Art: Jozsef Rippl-Ronai - My Father And My Mother 1897

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  1. My friend Rabbi Menachem Sholom Kranz sent me the following additional elucidation.

    I saw in the Sefer צמח דוד from the previous Skolya Rebba, that he adds on to this from the אריז"ל. 

    The part about the Holidays in this weeks פרשה begins with first mentioning about the שבת and a number of the מפרשים like the אור החיים הקדוש ask why is it repeated here again, but with this that the אריז"ל says we can understand its placement here.

    On the Holidays we only move up automatically to the level of אמא, also known as בינה. However on שבת we go up automatically, without our doing, to the level of אבא also known as חכמה. Its placement here is to show that we can attain the levels like on שבת, through out תפילות. That's why the part of the Holidays begins with mentioning about שבת. He adds that its also hinted at the closing פסוק that says וידבר משה א'ת מ'ועדי י'הוה א'ל ב'ני י'שראל here we see the acronym for אמי and then אבי to hint that even though we start off the יום טוב on a lower level then the שבת but we can attain the same level through our working on it.