Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bamidbar – Why count the community of Israel?

God spoke to Moses in the Sinai Desert, in the Communion Tent...saying 'Take a census of the entire community of Israel'.

In order to explain this, the Zohar goes all the way back to God creating a man and a woman, the man violating the first commandment, and how the rectification of his act was started with Adam's son, then continuing with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and still not being completed until the descendants of the twelve tribes accepted the Torah. Even so it was not completed until the building of the Communion Tent, with its most important part – the Ark, containing the Tablets.

The actual means of correction was God's love to Israel, exhibited through counting the community three times. This counting served to bind their souls to the spiritual worlds above, and to correct both the souls and the worlds. Thus the words “in the Sinai Desert" and "in the Communion Tent,” which seem to be redundant, in reality denote different worlds – giving Israel connection to both the theory and the practice of the Divine love.

Art: Adam and Eve Mourning for Abel By Johann Liss

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