Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yakov's going away from Beer Sheva is symbolic of later going out of Egypt and receiving the Torah. His encounter with the large stone at the mouth of the well is symbolic of the difficulties that people have in understanding the Truth, and his removal of the stone represents his coming back at the time of the Footsteps (Ikvey) of the Mashiach and resolving all the difficulties. The Stone Tablets in this connection, having the size of 6x6 hand-breadths, with the total size of 36+36=72 represent the secret of “I come to you in the thickness (עב=72) of the smoke.” The wise will understand further.

A matron asked Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta, “For how many days did God make the world?” He replied “For six.” She said, “And what is He doing after that?” He replied “He sits and brings people together.” She said, “I can do that!” She married 300 pairs of slaves, but in the morning there were multiple discords in the new families. What is the meaning of this?

The matron asked, “If God could create the world in six days, surely he can keep maintaining it now and have time to spare. Moreover, how many days (thousands of years) are in the plan?” He answered, “Six thousand years. Each Day is a separate entity, taking care of itself, and Metatron, the Ruler of the World angel, represents them all with the six letters of his name. They can last of 6,000 years. So you are right, God has nothing to do. However, bringing people together is extremely hard.”

When the soul is reborn for the first time, the man's and the woman's souls separate from the same place and easily come back together. But the next times around, all depends on their deeds, and their soulmate may not even be born at the time of either one's reincarnation. Keeping the families together then requires God's intervention at all times. This is the meaning of the verse “...God keeps individuals home...”

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