Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The first letters of Vayera form the word Job (Iyov): “Vayera elav Adonai Be'elonei” (and God appeared to Abraham in the Valley). The next words, “Adonai Be'elonei Mamre” (God in the Valley of Mamre) give “Yabam” - Levirate marriage. What is this a hint to?

Terach, the father of Abraham, was later reincarnated as Job. Terach's father married a “Yebama,” a woman destined by levirate marriage to someone else, and Terach was born from a passion that had a prohibition involved. This is reflected in his name, Terach, for “Reticha” means “boiling.”

Because of this, Abraham's first son had to be Ishmael, who was also blemished in his behavior, and only after that Abraham had Isaac as a son.

Abraham sits at the door of the Gehinnom (Purgatory) and saves those that deserve to be saved. This is hinted at by the phrase "...he sat at the door in the heat of the day...".

On his going out of Gehinnom, Abraham took with him his father Terach, so that Terach would be reincarnated as Job. This is why the last words of Job are: “Therefore, I renounce my words and relent, for I am but dust and ashes,” meaning “I relent because of that one who called himself dust and ashes – Abraham.”

Later on Abraham was told that his father already started his reincarnation, “...and Abraham was told that...Milcah has given birth to ...Uz...”, and Uz is another name of Job, who was from the land of Uz.

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