Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pekudei - 100

The 100 talents were used to cast the bases ("adanim") for the sanctuary and the cloth partition. There were a total of 100 bases made out of the 100 talents, one talent for each base.

The name of God, Adonai (אדני), has the numerical value of 65:


and spelling out the name Adonai,

אלפ דלת נונ יוד

then spelling out that spelling,

אלפ למד פא דלת למד תיו נונ ואו נונ יוד ואו דלת

you get 35 letters. Altogether 65 and 35 make up a 100.

The 100 bases, or sockets, represent Kingship, or Malchut, which is the secret of the phrase, "And now let the strength of God (Adonai) increase". The sockets also represent the Female, while the upright beams in them represent the Male.

Currently, however, the spelling of Adonai lacks the letter י in תיו, and the 34 letters that result are the numerical equivalent of דל, poor.

Art: Thomas Benjamin Kennington - The Pinch of Poverty

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