Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vayakhel – Fixing the Sin of the Golden Calf

Moses assembled the entire Israelite community and said to them, 'These are the words that God has commanded for you to do... build the Temple.” 

Both Moses and his generation were spiritual representations of the Foundation of the spiritual entity called Supernal Father (Aba). Since they assembled (ויקהלו) against Aaron, Moses had to assemble (ויקהל) them, to return them to their spiritual source by bringing them closer to himself.

Moses had to assemble the whole congregation (קל עדת), because the essence of this generation was knowledge (הדעת). However, the mixed multitude (ערב רב) also had its strength in knowledge, because their gematria is the same as knowledge (ערב רב=דעת=474), and only by bringing them close to himself could Moses separate knowledge from knowledge.

Since they sinned with the word “these,” saying “These are your gods, O Israel,” Moses had to correct this with the word “these,” saying “These are the words.” Since, by worshiping the Golden Calf, they denied the whole Torah, Moses had to correct it with two things which are also considered as the whole Torah – Shabbat (for one who observes Shabbat is considered to observe the whole Torah) and the building of the Temple.

Therefore Moses told them, “Six days shall you work” as a commandment, not as a permission “work can be done” and promised to them that since for six days of the week they are sanctified by building the Temple, on the seventh day they will surely be sanctified with extra holiness and will receive an additional soul.

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