Sunday, January 9, 2011

Page of the original relevant to the previous post

The page of the original, as supplied by Rabbi Kranz, with this explanation:

Dear Yudy

I'm attaching a pic of the Sefer ליקוטי תורה from the אריז"ל which is the source of where Mark took the פרשת שמות Dvar Torah from. In big bolder letters ( I don't think my pic is clear so here is what it says there: להיות כי ע' פנים לתורה וא' מהם היא רמז והנה ירידת ישראל למצרים היא רומז אל הולד בעודו תוך בטו אמו ביו המצרים ההמה וע"ז נפרש מ"ש) it says explicitly like Mark said that there are 70 ways to דרשן and this is one of them. In other words the אריז"ל is using it as a משל to describe growth of a baby in his mothers womb,  but what Mark wrote by פרשת בא is talking about were פרעה and the מצרים had their grasp on קדושה so they were able to control כלל ישראל.

But to explain it a little more, when there are a lower level of מוחין to the פרצוף ז"א then the other side can have a grip on ז"א. But only on his neck, but that's the area where the 3 parts of the מוחין which is the חב"ד pass through  when they go through the neck, whether its going up or down (why it goes each way I'm going to leave alone for now) the most vunerable place is by the neck just like a chain is as strong as its weakest link, so the weakest place is the neck, its the most narrow place on the body were all the vital messages and so on have to pass through so פרעה represents הער"ף the neck, and his 3 שרים represent the 3 most vital parts that pass through there which is from the מוחין דקטנות which are made up of שמות of אלהים.

But even if we take it on the משל level I think it could be bringing us an important lesson, of how the יצר הרע works, he wants to cut off our connection that we have between our mind and heart, so we just listen to our desires and not our mind, but that can only happen when we only have מוחין דקטנות but when were on a higher state of מוחין דגדלות then its much harder fro them so the key is to be on a higher state of mind as much as we can, and not to lose our constant שותי ה' לנגדי תמיד!

May we be זוכה to attain that level.

I hope I brought some clarity to what's bothering you.

Menachem Sholom Kranz

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