Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yitro – Who is Yitro?

"Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, sheik (priest) of Midian, heard about all that God had done for Moses and His people Israel when He brought Israel out of Egypt."

The Other Side has as one of its servants someone called “Priest of Midian.” The general rule is that every element of holiness has a corresponding element on the Other Side, and in this hierarchy the “Priest of Median” corresponds to the Foundation of the Supernal Father. The name of the Foundation of the Supernal Father on the side of holiness is “Love,” but on the other side his name is “Jealousy and Strife.”

Yitro also had the title “The Priest of On.” Similar to the opposing positions of Good and Evil above, the “Priest of On” has as its counterpart on the side of Holiness the Foundation of the Cosmic Man. Accordingly, the Foundation of the Cosmic Man is characterized by the phrase from the Torah “Beginning of my strength (oni),” whereas the Priest of On has his expression in the verse from the Psalms “Those who do evil (spelled in the same way as 'on', but pronounced 'avon').

The Forces of Good always want to be together, and the righteous have a part in that with their actions, which brings about the supernal union. Corresponding to this, the Forces of Evil also want to cling together, but are not successful in this, since they do not have the light of love. For they only imitate the good, but lack its inner qualities, and are compared to a monkey imitating a man. Therefore they remain separated, as the verse in the Psalms indicates, “they will be separated and spread out, all those who do evil.” This is all hinted to in the name “Priest of Midian.”

Art: Petrus Renier Hubertus Knarren - Jealousy

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