Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pekudei - The Counts

"The 100 talents were used to cast the bases for the sanctuary and the cloth partition. There were a total of 100 bases made out of the 100 talents, one talent for each base."

Here we have the secret of the name of God Adonai and the number 100, as we have learned before.

Connected to this is the story of the four Sages who entered the Garden of Mysteries. Since Adam made a mistake, and we are still enjoying the fruits of it, these Sages decided to correct this. They may have wanted to correct the mistake itself, or they may have wanted to repair the consequences of it in the soul of Adam, which includes all souls of humanity till today.

The mistake of Adam was in giving the crown of Rulership to the Cosmic Man, Zeir Anpin, before he was ready for it, that is, before the consciousness of the Supernal Father was given to him. Therefore, the only way to fix it was to enter the consciousness of the Cosmic Man, elevate it, and fix his crown from the inside, thus fixing everything. Anybody who wants to effect this correction needs to interact with the four mentalities of the Supernal Father, possessing Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge.

Each of the four Sages wanted to correct one mentality, and this was wrong, since each needed to correct all four. The three of the Sages made a serious mistake while attempting this and got harmed in the process. Only Rabbi Akiva entered in peace and left in peace. He was in fact capable of correcting all four mentalities, but the angels pushed him away. God protected him from the angels – because Rabbi Akiva was able to correct all four mentalities, even though he only did one. Arizal goes on to explain the mistake of each of the Sages, the greatness of Rabbi Akiva, and the strength of God expressed in the number 100.

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