Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vayishlach – Magic

Jacob... slept there that night,... prepared two hundred goats for his brother Esau,... and was left alone to fight with Esau's angel.”

The name of Esau's angel is Samael, with the gematria of 131. By giving his present to Esau, Jacob was effecting his ultimate removal from the world, by connecting it to the magic number of 130, as we will see below. In addition, Jacob called what he sent a present “shai,” with the gematria of 310. Combined with Amalek (240), the utmost hater of Israel, you get 550, and that is how many animals Jacob sent. In giving a present to the enemy, Jacob was following the Proverbs, “If your enemy is hungry, feed him, since with this you are pouring hot coals on his head, and God will repay you.”

How was all this accomplished? Their argument was about the letter “yud.” The real name of Jacob was “Ekev” - heel, but Jacob took for himself another letter, “yud”, to signify that he was the one to correct Adam's error, and became 'Yakov”. When Jacob crosses the river “Yabok”, he was left there alone, and since this river has all the letters of Jacob's name except the letter Ayin, then it was this letter that was left. Later, this letter will find its place in the blessing, “Israel will live alone just like (ayin) Jacob, securely”.  The gematria of this word “ayin” is 130, and this is what counteracts the Esau's angel above (1 is added for the word, as is common in Kabbalah).

The 130 is also connected to the “Voice – the voice of Jacob and the hands – the hands of Esau,” since “voice” – “kol” is exactly 130 (k-l), since in the Torah it is spelled without the extra letter vav in between. Normally it is written with the "vav", to indicate that the voice of Jacob, when it is present, conquers the hands of Esau. That is the meaning of “the angel saw that he could not win over him (Jacob). “ This word, “him,” is spelled “lamed-vav”, and it is this “vav” that the angel of Esau could not overcome. Now, when the angel saw that he could not damage Jacob's body, represented by the letter vav, he touched his thigh, “kaf”, the place where Evil forces have hold. Jacob foresaw that too, since he returned to collect small vessels with oil, “pach” – same letters as “kaf,” only reversed. Finally, the angel was forced to concede victory, and told Jacob that he will not be called “Yakov,” with yud contested, but “Yisrael”, where the letter yud is connected to “rosh” - head – and now stands uncontested. Jacob was thus acknowledged as the one who corrected the mistake of Adam, and everything else together with it.

Art: Michel I Corneille - Esau and Jacob

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