Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shemot – Aries and Scorpius

The twelve constellations are divided into four groups, or Foundations, and the constellation of Aries is from the Foundation of Fire, whereas Scorpius is from the Foundation of Water. In fact, a scorpion kills a man only because of the cold that it feels internally. The constellation themselves represent spiritual influences in the world, called “Mazal,” or luck.

Each of the seven planets, except for sun and moon, has two constellations assigned to it. The two “mazal” constellations assigned to Mars are Aries and Scorpius. This is why the Jews in Egypt and later on Passover were slaughtering a sheep on the fourteenth of the month of Nissan – because then the Aries is at its strongest.

According to these two constellations, there are two kinds of unpleasant feelings (gehinnom) that a person experiences after death. The first one is of fire, born of desire to do a wrong thing, corresponding to Aries; the other is of ice, born of coldly missing on the opportunity to do a good deed, and this corresponds to Scorpius. However, some people transgress even at this time, and they steal ice while they are in the gehinnom of ice, to cool themselves later, and it is about them that Job said “Drought and heat consume (literally, steal) snow water.”

Art: Maria Falconetto Giovanni - Sign of Scorpio

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